Saturday, March 14, 2009

My severed finger

My rotting, severed finger prop is finished. I coated my finger w/ 4 coats of liquid latex, powdered it up, pulled it off, turned it inside out, stuffed it w/ cotton, put a broken wooden dowel and liquid latex bits in the end and painted it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Doug-y...the only known photograph.

Here's the only known photograph of me on Halloween 2008. I'm the one who usually takes the photos so there aren't any more. I'll be fine-tuning my Doug-y character for Halloween this year.

Painted my teeth...

Over the last few months I've created a huge laundry list of cool things to do before Halloween. I've decided that the only way to get even half of them done is to get the ball rolling on one or two each day. Yesterday's project...dirty up my already excellent Gnash teeth. As recommended by's owner, I used acrylic paint and sealed it with clear nail polish. Now they're niiiice and naaasty!