Friday, June 17, 2011

NEW (Old) Haunted Hot Sauce Bottle Style!!

Revealed for the very first time is the prototype bottle in my NEW (old vintage apothecary) style! What do you think?

The zombies have been redrawn on every product! New, aged, more authentic toe tags!

I still have some tweaks to do on the aged cloth bottle toppers but overall I'm VERY excited about the new look!

I think everybody will LOVE this! I poured my undying soul into this project.

It's a hot sauce! It's a Halloween prop! You NEED this for your Halloween party table! And trust me...the hot sauce is the BEST, thickest, most robust hot sauce you will EVER taste! It's my labor of love! Here's a link to my products and a heat scale.

AVAILABLE VERY SOON at!! Stay tuned!

If you'd like to be informed when the site launches, simply send an email to saying "Let me know when the new site launches"

Incidentally...Thank you House Bloodthorn for the rough-edge die-cut idea. Right now I'm doing that with fancy scissors but when I have these labels printed I'll apply it for real!