Friday, April 1, 2011

Scent Your Fog with FrankenScents!!

Keep an "eyeball out" for FrankenScents.

It's due to open soon!

Here are some of the fog scents that FrankenScents will be offering:

Swamp - a damp, cool, swampy marsh
Charred Corpse - disgustingly real burnt flesh
Autopsy - a caustic deathly musk, formaldehyde
Creepy Carnival - A gothic circus in scent form
Hell - Fire and Brimstone, and sulfurous magma
Forest - A mysterious, dark wooded forest.
Laboratory - The smell of smoke, machinery and rubber
Hayride - Pumpkins and hay
Powder Keg - Great for pirates or prospectors, canon-fire or mine shafts.
Zombie Breath - what death's breath smells like in the morning
Voodoo'd - smell of a voodoo rite around a campfire
Urine - Pee! Smelled in hospitals, pottys, asylums, and public transportation
Slaughter Farm - Bad for the livestock, good for the butcher
Vampyre - The quintessential broody gothic fragrance
Mansion - A dusty plantation, cobwebs and all
Rotting Coffin - Unearthed and moldy tomb
Witch's Brew - A spicy harvest fragrance
Toilet - PU this one smells just bad
Candy Corn - True candy corn in liquid form
Full Moon - Crisp, cool night under a full moon
Sea - the algae infested briny ocean.

I NEED to sample them all but I'm most excited about the Zombie Breath scent! I have a zombie ground-breaker prop who's just itching to spew some rank, zombie breath fog from his gaping maw!


Ali said...

"Zombie Breath"? That is too cool!


HalloweeNut said...


Madame Jen said...

ahhh ha! I see what your on to! Can't wait to test some out.

The Undertaker: said...

FrankenScents isn't mine but I did work closely with the guy who's starting it. It seems that we both have similar obsessions!! ;)

The Frog Queen said...

I really want to know what Hell smells like! :D

Looking at changing the graveyard scents this year to match the new ruins..... definitely looking forward to this!!

Thanks for sharing!


The Undertaker: said...

Greetings Frog Queen! Thanks for commenting! I'm a big fan of your work!

I'm told that the official launch of will be Friday, May 13 so keep an "eyeball out" for that!

Incidentally, where can I purchase a dvd of the steps involved in making your amazing tombstones? I'd love to attend a make-and-take but I'm in Atlanta, GA. and I won't be able to get to HauntCon.