Saturday, May 14, 2011

Embalming Fluid! It cures what ails 'ya!

A few photos from a Halloween party that I attended a couple years ago.

Embalming fluid...responsible for that winning smile!

Something on my lip? Where?


The October boy said...

That is outstanding! Wish I had the patience for that.

The Captain said...

Handsome as always

The Undertaker: said...

Thanks Captain! MUHAHAHHAAAAA!!

October Boy,

Thank you! I'm not sure it was patience as much as it was possession that created this character. I really do refer to him as another person as I have to get into a different frame of mind to portray him.

Ali said...

Absolutely first rate costume my friend. May I ask how long it takes you to do the whole look?

Ali@Holiday Hollow

The Undertaker: said...

Thank you Ali! The makeup takes me about an hour to apply and since everything else is ready, The Undertaker can usually be ready to roll in about 90 minutes.

HalloweeNut said...

It's official: your costumes rock, mine suck. GREAT JOB!

The Undertaker: said...


Thanks!! But I'm sure your costumes don't suck. And if you think they do, then why? All I do on most of mine is weather existing clothes. I suggest that you add layering for interest and pay a lot of attention to detail.

I try to get inside my character's heads and make costuming decisions based on that.

The Undertaker has a chain on his vest that connects to 3 big keys. I'm not sure what they're for but it seems logical that he'd either have keys or a vintage pocket watch. (the watch would probably make more sense) He could say "It's your time" to freak people out.

The Undertaker carries a cane made from a human hipbone. I figured that he'd use the "parts" he had ready access to instead of buying a metal skull cane or similar at Spencer's Gifts in the mall. He also has a rotten, severed finger in his vest pocket. I'm not sure why but it's always fun at parties. "Pull my finger...OFF!"

The Undertaker: said...

Here's the hipbone cane I made for The Undertaker.

And here's the severed finger he carries around in his vest pocket.