Monday, August 6, 2012

Yankee Candle Witches Brew Score!

I do enjoy the YANKEE CANDLE Witches Brew scent a LOT! Here's what I scored at the 2012 Yankee Candle Halloween Preview party.

There's also a Yankee Candle called BLACK CAULDRON BREW that's made up of black licorice, anise and cloves but unfortunately that one is only available online and at the time of this writing, is sold out.

Thirdly, they have a limited edition jar named HAPPY HALLOWEEN that ALSO smells like black licorice, anise and cloves so I'm sure it's the same recipe as BLACK CAULDRON BREW above. I sampled it at the Halloween Preview Party and it was a bit too "black licorice" for me. I guess I'm a bigger fan of the earthy patchouli in the Witches Brew scent.

They have a candy corn fragrance and a pumpkin spice fragrance as well. I'm not a fan of candy scented candles and the pumpkin spice fragrance is wonderful, but common and found elsewhere for a lot less money.


Morphine said...

It's just so awesome

The Undertaker: said...

Thanks Morphine! I try to use the coupons and specials to get enough Witches Brew to enjoy all year!

Mark said...

We enjoyed the one in our city as well, a little early Halloween treat! A little disappointed they only make some available online, I mean really, I'm here now, make it available for me now!

The Undertaker: said...

I agree Mark! It's almost as if YC is testing our loyalty. They have a winning, popular scent so it seems that they're trying to use that to boost online sales or something. Offer free shipping? Fine! But they'd better not get too cocky. The leap between recognizing the fragrance ingredients you like and making your own candles is a short one.