Monday, February 21, 2011

Halloween Cemetery Fence Reference

On a recent trip to the cemetery to shoot some product shots for, I stumbled upon the following:

I was AMAZED! This is the cemetery of my Halloween dreams!!!! I shot detailed photos of 2 or 3 fenced in areas. I WILL recreate one of these areas for my home haunt this year!

View all of these photos HERE!


HalloweeNut said...

That IS really cool. Where is this cemetery?

The Undertaker: said...

Thanks! It's the Old Roswell Cemetery in Roswell, Georgia.

Johnny Thunder said...

That's amazingly creepy and perfect! Great pics.

The Undertaker: said...

Thanks Johnny! I was there to take product shots of my hot sauce but when I saw that my jaw dropped! It was so prefect it looked "fake". (Does that make any sense?)