Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Diabolical Experiments w/ Scent

The Undertaker is now conducting diabolical experiments with scent induced "experience triggers". The goal? To refine my "Unearthed Coffin" scent. (basically overturned earth, cedar coffin wood and mausoleum moss) Who wants their house or haunt to smell like Moonlit Hill Mortuary? Additional scents on the way as they develop. Suggestions appreciated. I probably won't sell them...might be giveaways or included with orders.


HalloweeNut said...

I've always wanted to do something with scents in my haunt.

The Undertaker: said...

HalloweenNut, What did you have in mind? What scents might you be considering? There's a bunch of different ways to add scent to your haunt.

Mr. Macabre said...

Check out Darkcandles.com for their list of oils and scents.

I used scents in my haunt last year with GREAT success! People noticed them. I ran the scent additives through the fog machines from Froggysfog.com, namely Rainforest which has a damp earthy smell. I didn't care for the Gothic too much because it was a bit too floral. Forest smelled like Christmas, not quite Halloweeny enough.

No, I don't work for them or advertise for them, but I have talked with them on the phone and they're really helpful to home haunters.

The Undertaker: said...

Hey Mr. Macabre!

I LOVE Dark Candles. I still have some Crypt Moss, Haunted House, Coffin and Graveyard wax melts left and I LOVE the Nosferatu scent and PumpkinRot raves about the Clove tea lights.

I also bought some excellent scents from EveningEclipse.com about a year ago, notably the ZOMBIE scent, but I think they're taking a hiatus for a while.

I'm familiar with Froggy's Fog and have heard great things about them but I haven't had the opportunity to sample their scents.

A couple years ago I set out to make a body spray to complete my Undertaker character, one of graveyard dirt, coffin wood and moss. I learned a LOT about making scents that smell earthy without them ending up flowery. I also learned that you use the very same fragrance oils to make everything from body spray, candles, incense, scent beads, soap, lotions, etc. so once you arrive at a decent scent blend, you can make all that stuff!

I've had some success with candles, EXCELLENT success with incense, the body spray is earthy and cedar-y and mossy and perfect, and now I'm going to try scent beads in a mesh bag attached to a small fan to scent an area like graveyard dirt, coffin wood and moss.

It's a lot of fun!

The Undertaker: said...

Incidentally, keep an eye on FRANKENSCENTS.

They're due to open soon based on the results of this thread at Halloween Forum. (The scent recipes have changed since that thread opened.)

Here are some of the scents that FrankenScents will be offering (from page 14 of that forum post):

Swamp - a damp, cool, swampy marsh
Charred Corpse - disgustingly real burnt flesh
Autopsy - a caustic deathly musk, formaldehyde
Creepy Carnival - A gothic circus in scent form
Hell - Fire and Brimstone, and sulfurous magma
Forest - A mysterious, dark wooded forest.
Laboratory - The smell of smoke, machinery and rubber
Hayride - Pumpkins and hay
Powder Keg - Great for pirates or prospectors, canon-fire or mine shafts.
Zombie Breath - what death's breath smells like in the morning
Voodoo'd - smell of a voodoo rite around a campfire
Urine - Pee! Smelled in hospitals, pottys, asylums, and public transportation
Slaughter Farm - Bad for the livestock, good for the butcher
Vampyre - The quintessential broody gothic fragrance
Mansion - A dusty plantation, cobwebs and all
Rotting Coffin - Unearthed and moldy tomb
Witch's Brew - A spicy harvest fragrance
Toilet - PU this one smells just bad
Candy Corn - True candy corn in liquid form
Full Moon - Crisp, cool night under a full moon
Sea - the algae infested briny ocean.

I'm most excited about the Zombie Breath scent! I have a zombie groundbreaker prop who's just itching to spew some rank, zombie breath fog from his gaping maw!

Mr. Macabre said...

I've got to check out Frankenscents, that sounds like a great resource! I love scents but have no experience in creating my own. Dark Candles had a body spray called Haunted House that had a dusty/slightly citrus smell that they don't make anymore that was my signature scent.

The Undertaker: said...

Hey Mr. Macabre,

I have one of Dark Candles Haunted House wax melts left and I LOVE it!

I think they still sell it. Dark Candles Haunted House

If so, get some!! It rocks! And while you're at it, get some Crypt Moss, some Coffin, some Graveyard and some NOSFERATU!