Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shhhh...he's coming.

"Honey! Did you take out the garbage? Honey?"

From what I understand, this horrific creature is called a coconut crab. Imagine encountering that at night. (shudder)


Veer Wilde said...

Holy fucking shit.

The Undertaker: said...

That's exactly what I said when I saw that pic! There are still some honorific things in this world that many of us know nothing about. I guess they're harmless and eat fruit...but I would have definitely had a heart attack had that thing been attached to the garbage pail lid that I was lifting.

Audfaced Cosmetic Tips said...

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Mr. Macabre said...


The Undertaker: said...

Mr. Macabre...between those coconut crabs, camel spiders and golden orb weavers I think the world we live in can be a pretty scary place!

Camel Spider

Golden Orb Weaver
(Yes, it's eating a BIRD!)

Another view
(Just in case that last shot didn't sink in)

And one more
(Because I never know when enough's enough)

Mr. Macabre said...

Thank you so much for stoking the fires of my nightmares. Big ass crabs, big ass spiders, I think that I shall invest in the economy sized bottle of Raid!