Friday, November 12, 2010

Spider web at last!

Instead of doing the smart thing and buying one of those cool spider web guns like those available at, I tried to make one. I tried on and off for almost 2 years with no success...and went through more that a few glue guns in the process. Maybe you'll have better luck with this method than I did.

But this year...SUCCESS! (and you won't believe how.)

All I did was squirt glue from the glue gun and hit the stream of glue with my compressor nozzle set at about 70 psi! I used the nozzle made for filling up inflatable rafts, etc.

That's it! No dismantling of the glue gun and no fittings to find and assemble!

It's a two handed method though...holding the plugged in glue gun in one hand and spraying the stream about an inch below where it exits the glue gun with the compressor nozzle with the other hand. It takes a little practice.

Depending on the wattage of your glue gun, you can spray for a few minutes before you have to let the glue heat up again. And it helps to be holding the glue gun level horizontally or down. If you try to spray "up", the glue falls back onto the gun (and your hand! Ouch!) Just get on a ladder for higher areas and spray down.

Here are a couple shots of my results.

You'll want to save this method for outdoors or the garage too're spraying glue! You can spray a prop outdoors and just bring it inside when it's cooled.

As always...if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments or email me:


Ali said...

Oh wow! Your corpse in the coffin is outstanding! Glad to have found your blog via mine @Holiday Hollow. Looking forward to reading more.


The Undertaker: said...

Thank you Ali!

I still have to paint the corpse head and hands a bit. So far all it has is stain.