Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do it yourself embalming w/ HELL-RAZOR!

I just finished designing the last of my new hot sauce labels. Behold the new HELL-RAZOR Habanero Hot Sauce label.

Pleasure to some, pain to others...the hellish heat and robust flavor of HELL-RAZOR Habanero will embalm you alive!

It's a hot sauce! It's a Halloween prop! NO Halloween party table will be complete without HELL-RAZOR Habanero! Even if you don't like hot sauce, you know somebody who does. Each bottle will come topped with aged cloth, tied off with a toe tag and if you so desire, you can get it sealed inside a handmade cedar coffin that's stuffed with mausoleum moss with a few novelty maggots thrown in for good measure.(ok, sales pitch done.)

All that's left is to photograph the bottles and launch the new site already!


Madame Jen said...

So talented at designing these labels. I want to vomit maggots!

The Undertaker: said...

Thank you! Let me know when you feel like doing that again with the maggots...we might be able to create a new product! ;)

HalloweeNut said...

LOVE this new label! Kinda reminds me of an old snake oil label for some reason. Again, VERY COOL!

ShellHawk said...

I cannot wait!

And I agree with the others. Great label design!

Johnny Thunder said...

Beautiful work!!