Monday, July 25, 2011

Haunted Hot Sauce Lineup 2011

The Haunted Hot Sauce lineup, 2011. Left to right,'s Mortician's Mold Hot Sauce, Ghoul Drool Green Hot Sauce, Fleshfeast Hot Sauce, Fleshfeast 2 Hot Sauce, Undertaker's Undead Hot Sauce, Fleshfeast 3 Hot Sauce, Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce & HELL-Razor Habanero Hot Sauce!


HalloweeNut said...

Impressive Line up, ya got there! My fave is Mortician's Mold.

The Undertaker: said...

Hey HelloweeNut! Thank you! As you know, Mortician's Mold is the signature product for!

Thick, tangy, flavorful and GREEN! It's Corpse-alicious!

Carefully scraped from the ripest fermenting corpses, Mortician's Mold Hot Sauce will quickly "grow on you!"

Unknown said...

awesome. I can't wait to try the new hell Razor.. but can u get the F***ing website up I've been out and I need my fix ha ha. but great looking lineup... stay dead

The Undertaker: said...

Hey "Unknown",

I love your enthusiasm for me to get the site up! I just wanted everything about the new labels and look to be perfect. I'll be adding content to my site for a long time but you'll be able to order hot sauce from it by August 15!

Woofenstein1986 said...

Sorry I left it as Unkown.. but thanks for the update, I really cant wait. I really am a fan of your sauces and just the whole look.. thanks again
stay dead

The Undertaker: said...

Heyyy Woofenstein! Thank you! You know my work is a lifelong labor of love!! I've worked extensively to make the look more closely match my something you'd find on the shelf of an old haunted mortuary! I KNOW the hot sauce is amazing! I'm a hot sauce NUT and I've never tasted any other hot sauce so thick, robust and flavorful!