Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haunted Hot Sauce: R.I.P.

Haunted Hot Sauce is closed permanently.

Thank you all so much for such a great ride all these years!

Over the past 8-9 years my crazy "hot sauce in a coffin" idea has really turned into something special. Anyone who's ever talked to me or purchased one of my products (in a coffin especially) knows the amount of work I put into everything I do.

Well that amount of work has finally caught up to me. Haunted Hot Sauce has grown to a level that I can't keep up with anymore. My customer service is beginning to suffer, I'm behind on all of my projects with partners, it takes me waaay too long to fill orders...and this is in JUNE, wait til it starts to get busy! I have a day job and a family and right now I'm spending all morning before work filing orders. I work all day. I spend all evening, every evening making the coffins...weekends too! It's consuming me like a drug! Everyone around me is being affected and everything I do aside from Haunted Hot Sauce, and now INCLUDING Haunted Hot Sauce is before I start really dropping the ball with customers' money, and quality of product and time to fulfill orders...I'm having to close the coffin lid on a successful and fulfilling project.

I appreciate more than you know all of those who have supported this crazy idea! Anyone who would actually buy zombie hot sauce in a coffin with moss and maggots are my kind of people!

I'll still be making Halloween props and decorating my yard for halloween, building creepy costumes, attending haunt conventions (maybe even more now), making pumpkin spice liqueur and doing what I do, I just won't be selling hot sauce online every day anymore.

You can keep in touch with me through Facebook at:

or through my blog at the hot sauce site is going away. The Undertaker isn't.

Please keep in touch.

Thank you.

Stay Rotten,

Victor "The Undertaker" Ives


The October boy said...

Wow! being good at something comes with a price I guess! I've always admired your dedication and thought you put into what you do, so I'm sure that anything you do next will do as well.....or maybe you don't want it to!
Enjoy having your life back Undertaker.

Dr. Theda said...

Hope that you will still post sir.... "The Undertaker" would be missed.... My life will be greatly shortened by my terminal health issues...(My remaining Lung is currently at less than 70%)
You are right in what you are doing is too short enjoy yourself while you can...
The best of luck to you and success to you in any future endeavors ....
Your "fiend"... The Doctor

The Undertaker: said...

Hey October Boy,

I'll still keep blogging and making props and decorating and exploring new and creeeepy Halloween goodies. I just can't do the "day-to-day" business thing anymore. It doesn't leave time for new experimentation! ;)

I'm still around...and with more time on my hands. A scary thought huh!

The Undertaker: said...

Greetings Dr. Theda,

I will certainly post...just less about hot sauce and more about my other many creepy endeavors...endeavors for which I have more time for! Muahahhaaaa!

Haunted Hot Sauce may have been put to rest but you can't kill an undead Undertaker! I'm not going anywhere.

I had no idea you were in such fragile health. It saddens me greatly. I appreciate more than you know all of the support you have given me over the years.

Shoot me an email anytime!!

I'll be Halloweening every day from now on!

Talk sooon!